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Working from Home & Undecided

Took a day off work today to work from home :/

Most days, it’s just too crazy at work to actually get anything important done… of course I get plenty done, but it’s the balance of what is urgent/not urgent and important/not important that they always talk about in time management. Sometimes I get too bogged down with the small stuff that is urgent but not important. These things are easy to get done and push through, but they’re not necessarily what I should be dedicating my time to. BUT, it always seems that these things are of utmost importance to other people, so they push you to get them done. Well some days… like today… I just have to run away from the small stuff to be able to focus on the bigger, more important stuff… as is the case today with P&T (Pharmacy & Therapeutics… it’s the committee I run that determines what we add to the formulary, what we take off, approval of authorized drug lists for the clinic, contract compliance and budget reporting, etc, etc, etc… the list goes on…) but it’s like compiling a book every time I do the agenda and minutes. Takes time… time that everyday work does not allow me…

So anyway, of course I need breaks here and there. It is my day off, after all :) Sooo… once again I’m undecided on my new blog name. I had FINZO 43P…


Then just a couple of days ago I switched it to MakeLifeRx… but I’m not sold on it…


Now I’m thinking maybe Life by Ky…


Thoughts? Suggestions?

Maybe one day I’ll actually learn some coding and make it fancier… but there’s no time for that now… just a little change and spruce-up will do. If only I can decide on a name…

Okay… back to the fun… :)

Until next time,


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