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Getting ready for October

Okay, so maybe it’s not technically October yet. But I’m definitely already getting into the Halloween spirit. Especially because I am making Seven Dwarfs costumes for myself and 6 of my co-workers. I’m 2 down right now… only 5 to go! Plus the shoes and belts (we are determined to win the clinic’s Halloween contest this year) :). But, today, I decided to take a break from the costumes and start getting ready for my own Halloween. I’m slowly collecting holiday decorations of my own, but I really don’t have much. So, I decided to put just about everything I have together this year to deck out my entry table. Here’s what I came up with:

2013 Halloween Entry TableThen, I took inspiration from here and here to make a Halloween pillow cover (Sewing Project #9):

2013 Halloween Boo Pillow Cover 2The ribbon isn’t exactly straight… I didn’t feel like putting in the additional effort that would have required… but I’m still pretty happy with how it turned out. And it cost next to nothing (maybe a dollar, if that… I used a leftover piece of fabric from a $2 goodwill curtain I’m using for my Dwarf costume belts, plus some ribbon and one fabric transfer sheet… can’t complain there). Here are a few photos of the process:

?????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????? ??????????????????????????????? ??????????????????????????????? ??????????????????????????????? ???????????????????????????????

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