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Bark and Wine

Last night was BDAR’s 3rd Annual Bark & Wine event! It’s a big fundraiser for the pups at the Historic Hynds Building in Cheyenne… there was food, a band, tons of silent auction items and of course wine and adoptable pups… plus one live auction at the end that we had a very hard time not bidding on (it was a week-long vacation at a luxury Steamboat cabin that held up to 12 people). I had my reluctant sidekick with me (Danny) – we decided on two items and I put down a few other bids but got out-bid on everything but one – a photo of one of the Union Pacific trains. We’ve started collecting photos and such from places that we go… so this one will be a good Cheyenne memory :) OH, they also had a “Name a Foster Dog” donation thing going on… so Danny donated to name a pup Donut… I just can’t wait to see who they decide to give the name to.


I made two items for the auction… a stuffed patchwork dog and a patchwork dog blanket…


They valued my items at $75, which I thought was very generous :) but they went for $40… which was awesome! I was just planning to make the stuffed dog/pillow, but didn’t pay attention to the directions very well (all too often, I get ahead of myself and forget to look at what I’m doing) :/ …I didn’t make the two sides mirror images of each other, so I had two pups sewn already that I couldn’t put together… so I turned one into a blanket instead and made another side for the pillow (problem solved!). I used this “cheater binding” tutorial for the blanket…it worked great!

(SP 13, 14)


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