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Miss Matatabi Noodlehead Divided Basket for the Dogs!

Okay, okay… I had one last project to complete before jumping into Halloween! You’ve probably heard me mention BDAR on here before (just a time or two…) ;) If not, they are a super great organization I volunteered for back in Wyoming. They take in dogs from shelters all across Wyoming… lots who are “high risk” of being put down including those who either don’t photograph or show well in the shelter (i.e. black dogs or those who stress out too much in the shelter environment) or are just unlucky to be in high kill shelters that fill up too fast. They are pros at adopting out these “less-adoptables”.

Black Dog Animal Rescue

They also brought this guy into my life, so that’s a win right there :)

Puppy Sewing Helper | Life by Ky Blog

So anyway… a while back I found this wine while on a wine tasting adventure and thought it absolutely needed to go to BDAR :)

Perfect for their annual Bark & Wine fundraising event silent auction, don’t you think!? I made something for the event 2 years ago but missed last year.

Black Dog Animal Rescue

In came the Noodlehead Divided Basket pattern (which I’ve used once before, here)! And Japanese puppy fabric from Miss Matatabi! It turned out to be a perfect combination, if you ask me!

Noodlehead Divided Basket for the Dogs | Life by Ky Blog

The striped fabric is also from Miss Matatabi, and the red is some broadcloth I had in my stash from a couple years ago.

Noodlehead Divided Basket for the Dogs | Life by Ky Blog

I didn’t get a good shot of the back, but it’s all the dog fabric.

Miss Matatabi Japanese Dog Fabric

So cute, right!? :)

The front pocket is lined and I used one of the black stripes to make the pocket binding to keep the stripes consistent.

Noodlehead Divided Basket for the Dogs | Life by Ky Blog

I didn’t have any cotton webbing, so I went with fabric straps and I like how they turned out… pretty sturdy, actually.

Noodlehead Divided Basket for the Dogs | Life by Ky Blog

I used this dog toy pattern from CKC for the appliqued bone on front and while I had it out I made a dog toy to match the basket. I made a bunch of those toys last Christmas… they were supposed to be gifts for all the pups we know but unfortunately our pups found them first and there wasn’t much left to give away :/ What is it about squeakers that make dogs go so insane?

Handmade Dog Toy | Life by Ky Blog

I also found these awesome “Who Rescued Who” wine glasses from The Registry Less Traveled on Etsy (cute little shop!). I had a hard time not keeping them for myself :)

I hope the event goes well!

Bark & Wine Silent Auction Basket | Life by Ky Blog

OH, and to be fair I’ve made a little progress on Halloween… :) here’s a peek at what I have so far:

Halloween Sewing Progress_Life by Ky Blog

Clothing Size Labels | Life by Ky Blog

I’m loving these little size tags! I figure especially for handmade baby clothes these will be super helpful! I actually had some personalized tags printed too (from this shop) that look like this:

Personalized Clothing Labels | Life by Ky Blog

I’m really excited about them… but they came in the mail and then disappeared! Go me :( Time for a good house cleaning and I’m sure they will turn up somewhere. :( But for the time being I’ll have to stick with size tags only. HOW DO I LOSE MISPLACE ALL THE THINGS!!?? lol

Also, someone PLEASE keep me off of Etsy for a while… my bank account will appreciate you greatly!

Until next time,



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