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Countdown to a Frozen Halloween: 6-Week Sewing Progress!

So I didn’t make as much progress this week…. but it was a little more detailed so I guess that’s fair :) You may have guessed it from my fabric and last week’s progress, but this week is a complete giveaway! I’m sewing Frozen costumes! Wahooo!

Or… at least attempting to.  :)

I drafted a pattern for Anna’s bodice/top by drawing out the shape I wanted over a tank that I knew fit to get the sizing right (or at least close), and adding a sweetheart neckline and v at the bottom.

Anna Top/Bodice in the Making | Life by Ky Blog

This also marks my first time making a muslin! I used an old sheet that I still had from our Dwarf Mine decorations from Halloween two years ago.

Anna Top/Bodice in the Making | Life by Ky Blog

After a few drafts of the pattern and two muslins (can you make muslin plural? hmm… not sure, but I just did), I got my final pattern pieces and cut my top. I cut the front as two pieces so there is a seam down the middle front and the back as one piece cut on the fold.

Anna Top/Bodice in the Making | Life by Ky Blog

For the embroidery on front, I did a little manual machine embroidery. I just drew the pattern on with chalk as well as I could (looking back, I probably should have printed and traced it on, but whatevs…), backed the area with interfacing, and then sewed over my lines with a very close zig-zag stitch.

Anna Top/Bodice in the Making | Life by Ky Blog

I had the stitch length setting on 2 for my machine, and just adjusted the width of the stitch as I went along. It’s far from perfect, but I still love how it turned out. I had initially thought about using fabric paint instead of embroidery, but this was so much more fun!

Anna Top/Bodice in the Making | Life by Ky Blog

I then finished off all of the edges with glittery gold ribbon and called it a day. Literally an entire day. Well, actually more like a day and a half. I don’t have any pictures of the finished top yet… but I’ll get some soon.

For the skirt, I’ve made it as far as cutting the fabric. I adjusted/added to the free Veronika Skirt pattern from Megan Nielsen (as below) to get my pieces. It was quite the ordeal fitting the pieces onto my fabric… I folded the whole pattern in more after taking the picture below. I guess that’s what I get for buying my fabric before planning anything out :) So I’m just hoping that it comes together okay :/

Anna Skirt in the Making | Life by Ky Blog

That’s it for now!

Oh, and if you haven’t been following the Remix The Stitch blog tour over at Straight Stitch Designs, you should definitely check it out! So many beautiful makes! The tour and giveaway are over, but the sale is going on through Sunday. I’ve been eyeing her Stitch Kits for a while, so I finally snatched one up this week at 40% off :)

Greenwood Tank Stitch Kit

Depending on how the Halloween sewing goes… I might just have to squeeze this one into the mix :)

Until next time,



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