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3-Day Countdown to a Frozen Halloween!

Eeek… where has October gone?!

So my big costume plans have dwindled into minimal get-it-done plans… but they are coming along nonetheless… just one more full costume to go and a few finishing touches on the rest. Sometimes I work best under pressure. Or at least that’s what I tell myself to feel better about my procrastination! :) That and I keep having to remind myself this is not cosplay… it’s just Halloween :)

Here are a few progress shots…

Frozen Anna Costume Skirt | Life by Ky Blog

Here’s my finished Anna skirt. Original plan included embroidery like the top… but there’s no time for that now. Plus I figure it’ll make it that much easier to convert this into an everyday skirt after Halloween that I may actually wear :)

Frozen Olaf Costume Hat | Life by Ky Blog

Olaf’s hat! Almost complete… I forgot the twigs coming out of the top – may need to add those.

Frozen Elsa Costume Progress | Life by Ky Blog

Elsa! Original plan included a much more detailed top and separate skirt… in the interest of time, I turned it into a simple dress instead. After having my sis try it on the other day, I need to make a few alterations, add the zipper, side seams and cape. No biggie, right!? ;)

Oh and look what I found…!

My tags! I got them in the mail a while back and then immediately misplaced them. Finally found them in my car the other day :/ Shown here with a little bit of hand-stitching on Elsa’s dress. I actually found it very therapeutic to sit down and hand stitch something. I might need more of that in my future :)

Frozen Kristoff Costume Tunic | Life by Ky Blog

Last but not least is Kristoff’s tunic. Don’t even get me started on this. Oh my goodness I can’t even bring myself to show you a picture of the entire thing until I fix it. LOL… let’s just say there’s a little too much bulk from the fur in a not-exactly-appropriate area. Definitely not PG. My cousin came over for a crafting day (she was making bird wings for her Halloween costume while I worked on the tunic) and we were just dying laughing after Danny tried it on. Other than that, tho, it fits great. Just need to add the sleeves, fix the fur (!), and make the sash!

That, and I still need to make Sven’s costume. Still deciding on what to do for that one…

Wish me luck to finish in time!

Until next time,



  1. Your progress looks good this far. I’m very curious to the the finished costumes.
    And I always love reading your post, your writing is really funny! :)


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