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Not funny!!!

So I got an email from United Blood Services the other day saying my blood type is currently in high demand. They probably say that to everyone, but I decided to take it as a sign, and went on to make an appointment. When I first moved to Wyoming, I started giving blood on a regular basis. They have a great facility here and they make it super easy to schedule your appointment, go in, and get on your way (with cookies!). Then I started selling my plasma (for a short time) – also a nice facility in the area – but that just wasn’t the same. Then after going to Belize, I had to put it all on hold for a while – it’s one of those travel areas where once you get back they make you wait a year in case you are harboring something in your blood. I’m so glad to get back to it though! I signed up to give whole blood but they needed plasma most, so that’s what I gave today. Give me a warm blanket and some freshly popped popcorn and I feel spoiled!


Mark that off as my first 30 before 30 item completed!

Thinking of the word blood right now, all that’s coming into my head is the classic video of that little boy. Haha… it’s been so long and yet it’s still so funny! :) And that of course makes me think of Charlie. Oh the YouTube memories… I wonder how old those kids are now. Ugh, time flies!

Oh, and here’s Zoe enjoying her Saturday morning. This little one loves to snuggle so much it’s ridiculous!


Until next time,



  1. Your dog is adorable. She looks cozy. ^_^

    It’s been a hot minute since I’ve given blood. I liked doing it. Moved a few times recently so it just never happened.


    • Thank you! She has a way of finding those cozy spots! :) Looks like you’ll be too busy to give blood coming up her pretty quick… good luck at basic! Do you know what career field you’ll be headed into yet?


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