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Blood Money

Well… to be a little more specific, plasma money.

They say you should live like a student while you are paying off student loans. Well I’m now taking that to the next level. Danny and I have resorted to selling our plasma for extra spending money. Yes, I am a full-time pharmacist, but there are too many flights to buy! :) I’m not sure how I feel about it yet; we only went the one time so far, but I have my second “donation” scheduled for tomorrow. I must say, walking into the BioLife place doesn’t quite give me the warm fuzzies like the blood bank, and it’s not quite as luxurious either (no warm blankets or calcium chews to munch on when your lips start to tingle… and they didn’t even have one of those hand things for me to squeeze to get my blood pumping), but it’s hard to say no to free money when all you have to do is sit there and read for a little while. I figure I will keep it up just long enough to cover my gifts for all of these upcoming weddings! That way I can say with confidence… “why yes, in fact, I bought this lovely kitchen appliance for you with my blood”.

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