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Miss Matatabi Noodlehead Divided Basket for the Dogs!

Okay, okay… I had one last project to complete before jumping into Halloween! You’ve probably heard me mention BDAR on here before (just a time or two…) ;) If not, they are a super great organization I volunteered for back in Wyoming. They take in dogs from shelters all across Wyoming… lots who are “high risk” of being put down including those who either don’t photograph or show well in the shelter (i.e. black dogs or those who stress out too much in the shelter environment) or are just unlucky to be in high kill shelters that fill up too fast. They are pros at adopting out these “less-adoptables”. They also brought this guy into my life, so that’s a win right there :) So anyway… a while back I found this wine while on a wine tasting adventure and thought it absolutely needed to go to BDAR :) Perfect for their annual Bark & Wine fundraising event silent auction, don’t you think!? I made something for the event 2 years ago but missed last year. …

Baby Gifts for Sis

Talk about crazy days! Oh my goodness; work is insane. Only 4 weeks left! I’m definitely counting down! :) I got a little teaser trip home last weekend for my sis’s baby shower. Her gifts were so much fun to make… Wee Wee Wigwams! haha… made from this tutorial with leftover fabric from the little hat I made a while back for my little cousin. Animal applique minky blanket. Made using this tutorial. For the animals, I found silhouette images from Google, printed, and traced them onto the orange fabric, then sewed them on. Lastly, a baby basket made from the Noodlehead Divided Basket Pattern. I love this pattern! Her instructions are awesome and detailed and I’ll definitely be making this again. This was another shower curtain project :) Also used this fabric for this clutch and this bag. The blue is some grandma fabric I also used for my mom’s grocery bag.   As always, here’s my adorable little helper: :) Until next time,