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Sunday Sew Love: 5 April

First things first… check out that picture:


“Kyla, it’s just the Easter morning sky” you say. Well, yes… but that right there is the Easter morning sky… unedited… with no annoying black dot in the middle of the picture! Hooray! I finally got a cleaning kit for my camera. $8 vs. hundreds… I’m so glad I didn’t send it in to get professionally cleaned. At least this time it worked… I shouldn’t gloat too much or next time it may not :) But at least for now, it’s starting out to be a great day.

HAPPY EASTER by the way!

I’m hoping for no rain so we can do our brunch festivities outdoors, but I’m pretty sure that’s not on the weatherman’s agenda. We shall see…

So this week is all about the details… ogle with me, will you…


(top/left) Offsquare Winter Blazer | (top/right) Thread Theory Comfiest Jeans

(bottom/left) See Kate Sew Soho Blouse | (bottom/right) Sewn by Elizabeth Relaxed Plantain

Until next time,


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