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Salme Vegas Blazer

I downloaded the Salme Cropped Blazer pattern back in June when I made my Minna blouse but didn’t get around to making it till now. The Monthly Stitch outerwear challenge this month was the perfect motivation :) And it was good timing… it was something fun to wear in Vegas! We went for the Rock ‘n’ Roll Half Marathon this past weekend and had sooo much fun (even though we were sore and hobbling around half the time we were there)!   I found this stretch herringbone suiting fabric when it was on sale at Mood. It reminded me of this one, although there was no way I was going to attempt a lining like she did. :) I’m glad I wasn’t the only one who had trouble with the mitered corners. I absolutely did mine incorrectly… lol I also did the shoulders incorrectly, but I was having one of those moments. I realized I was just not going to understand the directions no matter how many times I read them over so I just did …

Sunday Sew Love: 16 November

Beautiful back detailing and comfy knits… love! (left) Purls and Pleats Lady Skater | (top/center) create-enjoy Drop Waist Dress (top/right) By Hand London/Finch Sewing Studio Pattern Hacking Anna | Scared Stichless Singlets Galore! Also I’m super excited to share my next make… my first attempt at outerwear! Coming once I get some pictures taken of it… in Vegas, baby! :) Alisa, I’m in your neck of the woods! If we were here longer I’d ask to meet you for lunch! :) I’m running participating in the Rock ‘n’ Roll half this weekend. Although I had big plans for training, those kinda absolutely fell to the wayside as I was finishing up at work and moving and all. So this one is definitely a just-for-fun run! Until next time,