Month: April 2014

Zero Self Control

I already know this about myself, so I don’t know why I set myself up for failure… :/ SO I thought it would be a fun idea to have a candy dish of some kind in my office. You know, entice people to come talk to me (or at least have some chocolate available for them if ever I have to deliver bad or uncomfortable news) lol… so this morning I filled it up with Easter candy… set it there by my computer. By 2pm… it looked like this: Soooo…. not sure where the candy went… :P but I’m fairly certain no one actually came in my office today. Shhh… don’t look in my trash… Well, at least I didn’t finish off the whole container… but, seriously. I wasn’t even in my office very long today. Need. Self. Control.

1st Trimester Gift Box

I’m going to be an Aunt! It’s official. My sis is prego. I’ve always liked the idea of being an Aunt. I get to spoil and play with the little one and have none of the responsibility. But… until then… I get to spoil my sissy. It is her first one, after all. And she is my only sissy. Hence, her 1st trimester gift box: Contents: Girly morning sickness bags (or as they call them morning “Chicness” bags lol) A water bottle (gotta stay hydrated, right?… at least that’s what I hear) Pregnancy workout 3-pack (different workouts for each trimester and bonus post-baby workouts) Pregnancy book (it had decent reviews and pretty colors… colors get me every time) I also found the “coupon” card in my card stash… I have a whole collection of them. I can’t remember where they came from but they crack me up.

Pants to Shorts Refashion

Once again (see my last post), Danny provided me with inspiration for something to make. After ripping his work pants :/ …I decided instead of tossing them in the trash I’d attempt to make something with them. In came McCall’s M6756 — and my second time using a printed pattern. (SP29) Because of the rip in the front, I couldn’t get enough fabric for all four pieces I was cutting, so I added a strip of blue and used the same blue fabric for the pockets. I re-used the waistband I had cut off the pants (this probably would’ve looked a lot nicer if I’d made it new, but oh well). And this was my first time sewing in a zipper(!!), so that was a challenge (especially because I was using the old waistband) but it worked for the most part :) Because the waistband was already kinda funky, I just used some Velcro for the top instead of going out and buying a hook-and-eye clasp. They bunch out a lot around the pockets which is …

Donation Dog Vests

So… funny story that led to these vests – when we moved into the new place and Danny got a desk, I was gone at training for a few weeks and he stole my desk chair. At some point shortly after I got back, he broke the chair (ok, so it’s funny overall… not funny for my poor desk chair). So, we went out and bought both of us new matching desk chairs. Then one day shortly after that he broke that one too! It’s ok to laugh (a little)… I did (a lot). lol… So anyway, the second chair had this mesh fabric for the chair back. Before we tossed it in the trash, I cut the fabric off with this project in mind. Finally,  this weekend I got around to trying a couple of different versions. (SP28) Version 1: One pocket with elastic. I had some ribbon in a box of random scraps that I used to cover the outer edge of the pocket, but I wasn’t a huge fan of how this …

Pups from January

These photos were from January… but I just came across them and they’re too funny not to share on here. Zoe the destroyer: Finn learning to sit pretty: Finn’s next challenge: Stay. He’s mastered sit, lay down, and shake with vocal or hand signals, and now is a pro at sit pretty… but he is just too excitable when there’s food in front of him to stay. I’ve gotten one step… but we still have a ways to go. Zoe on the other is now trying to copy Finn and sit pretty. She sits funny, so she’s having a hard time balancing… but it’s pretty adorable to watch. Her arsenal of behaviors currently includes sit, lay down, shake, high five, stay, and play dead.