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Zero Self Control

I already know this about myself, so I don’t know why I set myself up for failure… :/

SO I thought it would be a fun idea to have a candy dish of some kind in my office. You know, entice people to come talk to me (or at least have some chocolate available for them if ever I have to deliver bad or uncomfortable news) lol… so this morning I filled it up with Easter candy… set it there by my computer. By 2pm… it looked like this:


Soooo…. not sure where the candy went… :P but I’m fairly certain no one actually came in my office today.

Shhh… don’t look in my trash…

Well, at least I didn’t finish off the whole container… but, seriously. I wasn’t even in my office very long today. Need. Self. Control.


  1. Dude! College Kyla would’ve finished that jar already so I think you’re growing up :) I’m loving your blog…you write just like yourself and make impressive things. Miss you but love keeping up with you from your blog :)


    • Ahhaha true story – college Kyla probably would have downed that container plus the rest of the bag. Maybe I’m growing up a little after all :) Miss you too! And I’m excited to follow your reinvigorated blog!


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