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Christmas Card Reveal!

Oooo fun day. I’m so excited about our cards this year!


Here’s the close up:


Ahhh… I just can’t get enough of those sweet faces.

Seeing that last year didn’t go very well trying to get their photos, this year I kept them inside, separated them, and gave out lots of treats during the process :) Here are a few outtakes:

finnouttakes zoeouttakes

As long as there’s good lighting, Finn is actually pretty easy to get a good picture of – and of course as long as he will slow down for a minute :/ Zoe always puts on her serious face when I have the camera out, but luckily she broke down and gave me a nice smile :) Then she got bored and walked away… so we were done. lol

Oh and right now as I write this I can hear Finn snoring from the living room. You’d think he was an old man. I love my little furry old man. :)

Another awesome tool I’ve found is lone squeakers. I ordered these ones to make toys a while back and have also been using them to get the pups to pay attention. Or to come inside when I’m calling. Or to look at the camera. Squeakers for the win!

Until next time,





Find more awesome Christmas cards on the linkup at Tay Meets World and The Grits Blog!


  1. Love the cards. The pups are beautiful. Even the outtakes are great. Happy howlidays!! LOL I couldn’t resist.


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