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PiYo Week 2 Recap & CFD Clean-Up

Under normal circumstances, I really am a fairly healthy eater. Not super healthy all the time for sure, but not too bad. BUT, for some reason whenever I attempt to follow a food plan of any kind (for instance the PiYo food plan…) all of a sudden my brain says to me, “don’t you tell me what to eat… bring on the brownies for dinner!”


So we won’t get into how my food plan has been going. Tomorrow is always a new day :)

Side note: you must try this recipe for White Chicken Chili… it’s amazing, and I’m pretty sure at least semi-healthy. I made it last week, not this week… again… not talking about what I ate this week. :/

Also missed two of my PiYo workouts this week… and didn’t run at all. :/ So maybe not the best week ever… but I did get my replacement disc so I was able to do the Upper Body workout. AND… I cleaned up the stands at Frontier Days three days this week. Sunday was ~4hrs, Thursday was ~3hrs, and today was ~4.5hrs… and that’s not easy work. And it’s the reason why I always take my trash with me no matter where I go… concert, baseball game… not matter what, I don’t care if someone is getting paid or not, there’s no reason they should have to deal with all that nastiness. This is one of those times when volunteering doesn’t actually feel good; you aren’t helping people… or animals… or helping anything. The booster club does get a chunk of money that supports our holiday party… but still. Personally, it’s not very rewarding.

Here’s the layout of the stands:

(photo credit)

This morning, I slipped in vomit, then shortly after tripped over my broom, stumbled down a few stairs and almost fell over the edge of section BB (see above). Needless to say, I am extremely excited that this is my last Frontier Days! And perhaps I need to work on my coordination — see… full circle back to PiYo… perhaps as I continue it will help with my coordination as well.

Happy Saturday!

Until next time,


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