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Moving Day One

New Year. New Home. We signed a lease for our new home last week and today I’m bringing my first load of stuff over to the new house. It’s your pretty typical townhouse… not my ideal home considering I’m not a big fan of new housing developments where everything looks exactly the same… but it’s not like we’re buying the place. And I’m still super excited… it’s going to be so much nicer than where we are now — my favorite things: the fact that it has a garage (no more digging my car out of the snow in the mornings!), the garbage disposal, and the water filter/ice maker in the fridge :) It’s the little things. Now if they can get the fence guy out to finish the backyard for Zoe soon, it will be even more wonderful (right now the back yard is only half-way fenced in… a little too easy for my escape artist pup). It’s a little farther from work, but hoping that it’s all worth it. :) Plus we’ve been having all these plumbing issues in the house now and I’m sooo ready to not have to worry any more that I’m going to flood the downstairs if I run too many things at one time (like the shower and the dishwasher… or sometimes the washer on its own). Also off to get a new foster pup today! She’s a 6-year old german shepherd mix – crossing my fingers that she and Zoe get along!

I have a feeling it’s going to be a great day.

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