Month: August 2013

Second Half-Marathon

I ran my second half-marathon this morning. I have yet to train for one of these things, but I think I would like to one day. Last time was the Rock ‘N’ Roll half with my family in Vegas last December. They got me to sign up the day before. This one was a competition on base (they call it Frontiercade… there’s archery, soccer, tug-of-war, a commander’s chip toss, running races, etc. etc… and all of the groups/squadrons go up against one another)… but you automatically got 4 points for finishing the half. So I signed up a few days ago. I can’t remember my time from last year… but this one was 2:33… not great by any means, but only 5 minutes from the 3rd place under-30 female :) Oh, and as of today, I have been in the Air Force for exactly 2 years. Can’t believe how fast it goes by!  

Ultimate Frisbee

Played ultimate frisbee today for Medgroup PT. It actually is a decent workout, considering all I do is run around like a crazy person and throw my arms around like I’m actually going to catch something. I touched the frisbee exactly 3 times. First, I picked it up to hand to the other team. Second, I blocked a throw really close to someone so my hand hurt for a while. And last, I tried to throw it once… and got blocked. There were plenty of holes in the grass, though, so running was challenging… it was a game in itself just to stay upright and not trip and fall on your face (which a few people did). Love it.

Amazing Belize

Oh yea, and we are back from Belize! Got back last Sunday, actually. It was amazing. Here’s a quick summary of our week: Saturday: Finished up packing, dropped off the pups, and left for the airport around 9pm for our 12:55pm flight. Sunday: Slept in the airport (some) and on the plane (some). Caught our layover and met up with Danny’s family in Charlotte Sunday morning. Took a plane to a plane to a smaller plane to a taxi to a boat – and finally reached the resort (the flight to the island was spectacular) on Ambergris Caye.  Once we reached the dock, the resort had someone there to take our bags. During our walk to the front desk, we were given rum punch, and they had a lady waiting to give us massages while we checked in. Once we got settled in, we wandered over to the dive shop right down the beach and signed up for diving later in the week.       Monday: Woke up to the most amazing weather. Other than the …