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Me-Made-May’15 Part One

01May15 02May15

01|31 Starting it off right in my Aztec Bellevue.

02|31 Took a little stroll with the family in my Sloan Leggings (in pink and in training) :)

03May15 04May15

03|31 Finished sewing my new Union St. Tee just in time to go to the mooovies!

04|31 My Minna Blouse turned out to be a little more resilient than I thought. At least it’s good enough to wear to work. :)

05May15 06May15

05|31 Putting a bird on my work day in my Vintage McCall’s 6367.

06|31 A random Wednesday off work = lounging/sewing time in my Aztec Matilda Leggings!

07May15 08May15

07|31 Raiding my dad’s garden in my most comfortable tee ever – my Seamed Stripes Swing Tee!

08|31 Trying to liven up the work week in my Floral Blocked Skirt! Can you floral block something? Or is it still color blocking? Haha… Katy got me thinking.

Reflections on the week:

Right away, I put these two in the donate pile:

IMGP3713 IMGP5230

The skirt was fun to make but isn’t realistic at all for my wardrobe. And the shorts – I can’t go on pretending these actually fit. I’m better than that now :)

I learned that taking a picture of yourself every day is hard. And that my face is never photo ready in the morning.

I learned that I want more dresses in my life. Almost everyone in the sewing world seems to have so many pretty me-made dresses. That and leggings. I could live in leggings.

Lastly, I learned how fun it is to wake up and pick something from your me-made section to put on. Okay, I don’t normally have a “section” but I wanted to keep everything organized this month so I put it all in one spot in my closet. Also how much I wish that section was my whole closet ;)

Until next time,




  1. I really like your floral blocked skirt! Floral blocked is a thing now😀. Leggings are so easy and quick to make! Love them.

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  2. I really like your floral blocked skirt! Nice outfits👏👏👏. I have also been enjoying looking through my me made section every morning. I organised all my me mades just before MMM started – it was quite a revelation seeing them all in one place😄


  3. Great work and great wardrobe! Shame about the purple skirt being donated…looks like so much fun on the hanger! But I guess it’s good to be sensible sometimes and only keep what you’ll actually WEAR lol (wish I could actually manage to live by this rule – d’oh) :) x


    • Thanks!! Yea, if only I’d added some more length to the purple skirt I think it might have worked. :) I try to be strong sometimes lol


  4. Nice job Ky! I haven’t been sewing much since I was teaching myself to crochet for my granny square afghan, working on a quilt for our camper and starting lots of seeds inside for summer. But at least I’m creating! I have a few patterns lined up so hopefully I’ll get to it!


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