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Me-Made-May’15 Part Three

Hence why I used ‘part’ instead of ‘week’ in my post titles… lol

So my MMMay kinda fizzled out a little, but not because I didn’t meet my pledge… only because I ran out of things to wear! :) The only one I didn’t wear was my purple knit tank (unblogged). I’ve only worn it a time or two, but after putting it on the other day I found a hole I need to fix :/

17May15 18May15

17|31 Wore my orange aztec Union St. Tee to take photos of my little nephew :)

18|31 A little zebra print for work!

19May15 24May15

19|31 Finished my pencil skirt just in time for another workday.

24|31 Grocery shopping and a Memorial Day BBQ in my new KnitFix top (unblogged).

25May15 29May15

25|31 A lazy Monday off work in my Splitback Tee!

29|31 Ready for summer! And my brightest work outfit ever in my Maya Maxi.


31|31 The me-made section of my closet :) My floral Bellevue top and my PJ shorts were worn a bunch but never photographed. Everything else made it’s way into my posts throughout the month. Overall, it’s been a lot of fun! The second half of May was more making than wearing, so I still have lots to share :)

In the end, I got rid of two items, and added the following to my wardrobe: 5 tops (1 of which is already going in the donate pile… sad day), 1 skirt, and 2 pairs of leggings… plus of course 2 tops, 2 onesies, and 2 pairs of leggings not for me! Yay! It’s been a fairly productive month. Thank you Me-Made-May for all the inspiration!

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