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Stitch Fix #2

Happy Hump Day!

Time flies! It’s already been a month since I got my first Stitch Fix box! Got this one on Friday… and it was neat because they definitely read your feedback – and look at your Pinterest boards. Crazy world we live in, I tell you! I actually wasn’t as excited about what I got in this one as the last one… but from what I’ve read they get better over time as they figure out what you like.


Ark n Co Bellatrix Embroidered Detail Maxi Dress | $88 | Status: Going back

On the note, she said this was her out-of-the-box choice for me, and that she’d noticed a similar dress on my Pinterest board (I’m assuming this one). I definitely like where she was going with this, but the fit was all off. Even if I were to alter it, I can see this as one of those dresses that I say I like and that I’ll wear but then never do. Danny’s reaction to this one was “little Dutch boy suspenders” … (at least he tries to give an opinion… although sometimes I think he just comes up with stuff to say because he thinks I need the feedback… but it usually comes out all wrong and makes me doubt my clothing choices… lol) :/


41Hawthorn Jace Dot Print Fit & Flare Dress | $68 | Status: Going back

I love the fit of this dress, and the length is perfect, but the color/fabric combo wasn’t doing it for me… too thick and too dark for it being the midst of summer.


Just Black Jake Slim Boot Cut Jean | $88 | Status: Going back

Super comfy just like the green skinny jeans they sent last time. And the color is really nice; I don’t have any nice dark denim. The length was close, but still slightly too short, especially after a wash and spending $88… I just wouldn’t have been comfortable enough with them.


Market and Spruce Colibri Floral Print Sleeveless Top | $44 | Status: Keeper

Very similar to the chevron print top they sent last time, but this one was a keeper from the start. So soft and such a fun floral! I wouldn’t normally put grey and orange together, but this one seems to work. Danny’s reaction was “I like it… it looks like something grown-up Kyla would wear”… I think that’s a good thing…?!


Bay to Baubles Cascada Beaded Circle Drop Earrings | $28 | Status: Going back

I’m not a big fan of the yellow-gold. Or the “drop” part of these. I very quickly put them on and took them right back off.

If you’re interested in trying Stitch Fix, here’s my referral link!


Until next time,



  1. Anonymous says

    We must have similar styles. I found your post because I was looking to see what the dress looked like since it is coming in my fix this week (I cheat and look ahead). I got the orange top in my first fix and also fell in love. The fabric is amazingly soft and I the length is great. It was one of two things I have kept from SF thus far.


    • Nice! The shirt is one of two things I’ve kept so far too; I’ve worn it a few times already – absolutely love it. I can’t get myself to cheat and look ahead tho… I love the element of surprise too much :) Which dress are you getting? Neither worked for me, but might for you! I loved the detail on the embroidered one!


      • Anonymous says

        The dot print fit and flare. I like it on you. If it fits me, I could see keeping it and wearing it with a denim jacket.


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