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Easy Walk Harness Padding

The pups love to go for walks. And when I say love I mean LOVE with a capital everything and rawhides on top.

We use a halti collar with Zoe. She’s a pro when she has it on. Finn on the other hand… we’re still working on. He chewed his way through his halti twice, but still pulls too much for just his regular collar.  So… we got him an Easy Walk harness. It has completely changed the way he walks. And it’s perfectly safe… except last time… we went for a really long walk with him and it rubbed under his little arm so much that he ended up with a bloody armpit and then a scab that he wouldn’t stop scratching at. We had to wait a while to go for another walk and watch it to make sure he was healing. SO… here’s my solution! Fleece pup harness padding! It was only rubbing his skin on the bottom strap… so I cut a rectangular piece of fleece the length of that strap, folded it over a few times, and sewed along the edge. Super quick and easy. It doesn’t look perfect but it gets the job done. And now Finny is ready for any walk we are willing to take him on… and his bare little armpits will stay safe. :)


 IMGP0355 IMGP0353 IMGP0360

Here’s the making of (SP23):

IMGP0329 IMGP0330 IMGP0332 IMGP0333 IMGP0335 IMGP0337 IMGP0339 IMGP0340

You’d think he would’ve learned by now that if he chews through his collars and such he doesn’t get to go for a walk… but no…


And as per usual… Zoe was not impressed. She can’t complain too much though… she got a brand new bed today. Spoiled pups.


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