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Had a moment today. It was one of those moments when you realize you’ve completely lost your mind. I went through my entire day thinking nothing was out of the ordinary. A few times I thought it was Friday, but other than that, it went along pretty smooth. I was finishing up a few things at the end of the day, so everyone else had gone home. I cleaned up my stuff, logged off my computer, and walked to the door only to realize I didn’t have my keys.

I searched the pharmacy high and low. Nothing. I couldn’t leave the pharmacy to check my car because I was the only one left. I couldn’t lock the pharmacy because I didn’t have my keys. I ended up calling one of my airmen to come back and lock up the pharmacy. As soon as she locked up, we walked out to my car. Sure enough… there it was… only car in the parking lot… lights on, engine running, keys in the ignition. As expected, the doors were locked. And I could see my little reminder on the dash flashing “0 miles until empty”.

Danny came to meet us at the gate with my spare key. Luckily, the car had enough power to make it over to the gas station on base. But… really? Really? Ugh. This was a new level of forgetfulness, even for me. I really do feel bad for whoever gets the honor of taking care of me when I get old. It’s bad enough right now…

I keep seeing those commercials for Lumosity… maybe I need to take them as a hint… :/

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