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Reading | Last year I only read seven books all year. This year I’d love that number to be closer to twelve. I obviously don’t read as much as I would like to, but I’ve recently found a little time during lunch at work. Finished Seven Up (always lighthearted fun with Stephanie Plum); started A Short History of Tractors in Ukrainian.


Watching | Netflix, of course! We recently finished Season 9 of Criminal Minds. That show is so addicting! Also Season 8 of Psych. Currently watching Season 4 of Being Human (US version); it’s just getting crazier and crazier. I tried to watch the second season of Hemlock Grove but I barely made it through the first episode. Maybe that show is just too much for me; maybe I’ll try again later. Yes, I rarely watch cable but still watch way too much TV :/

criminal mindssq psychsq beinghumansq

Sewing | I only finished one project this month, but I just cut fabric for 3 more, so hopefully I get those going soon. In the process of rearranging our office, we piled everything that was in that room into the sewing room. Now I need to clean that up before I can get to anything :/

Working Out | I have to admit, January was pretty dismal. As you can see, my January workout calendar didn’t get many checks. :/ But that just means there’s plenty of room for improvement, right!? :) I’ve been having fun tracking my everyday movement with my Misfit, though.

  • Total dedicated workout time: 5 hrs; 30 min; 25 sec (avg. 10min; 39 sec per day)
  • Misfit points: 19,816 (avg. 639.2 per day)


Loving | These sewing-inspired prints, these California-inspired free fonts, and this goal-setting progress sheet. Also this little cutie patootie nephew of mine. I learned while babysitting that this little one loves the elliptical. He would start crying at the top of his lungs, but as soon as I stepped onto the elliptical he would become calm; one time even fell asleep! Silly little guy.


Looking Forward To | The Crazy Dog Lady Sewing Challenge! I already have so many ideas :) Also, I just signed up for the AVON39 walk in Chicago in June with my mom! It’ll be our third time doing the walk together… and this time I’ll be walking 39.3 miles for my 30th birthday in a new city! Super excited!


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  1. The Crazy Dog Lady Sewing Challenge? I’m in! Thanks for the tip. Ah, we’re getting rid of Dish in the next week (after we replace our Fire TV $30 remote that the dogs ate…so much for the great deal we got on it…ha!). We don’t watch a lot of “regular” TV other than the news but we watch a lot of movies and have started watching a LOT more series on Netflix and Amazon. We figured we didn’t watch enough TV to keep Dish but yikes, you can really get sucked in to all those series! Your nephew is adorable!

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    • We’ve talked about getting rid of our cable TV a bunch of times; we really need to just bite the bullet and do it! :/ Streaming can be dangerous though… especially when Netflix gets to know you so well and starts suggesting new shows! lol


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