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Cream of Wheat: Sweet or Salty?

Danny really doesn’t like oatmeal. He says it’s a texture thing. Unfortunately, I can’t imagine not having oatmeal in my life (I mean… come on! It’s so healthy and delicious… am I right?!). I tried buying some steel cut oats thinking maybe that would help with the texture issue. He will eat it, but he’s still not a big fan. So cream of wheat is a nice sort-of substitute for us. I know, it’s not the same, but equally delicious. As long as it’s not instant. That stuff is weird.

Back in our beginning days, Danny was sweet one morning and made us some cream of wheat for breakfast. I took one bite and wasn’t sure what I had just put in my mouth. I made a face. He looked at me funny. It was salty! I’m sure I said something along the lines of “Who in their right mind puts salt in their cream of wheat!?” and/or “What did you accidentally put in this cream of wheat?!” but then I soon learned that he meant to put the salt in there. He said that’s how his family eats it… except his dad, who puts sugar in it. I said his dad must be the only one in his right mind. Then he made me my own batch. :)

So here are my questions to you, dear friends:

  1. Do you eat cream of wheat??
  2. If so, what is your normal? Sweet or salty?

Other maybe-not-so-normal things I eat with sugar: White rice (with butter and brown sugar!) and strawberries (with sour cream and brown sugar!) – okay, so strawberries with sugar is completely normal, but some people think the sour cream part is strange :/

And here’s a picture of Finn wearing my glasses because he’s just too adorable.


Happy Thursday!

Until next time,



  1. I have never heard of cream of wheat (I wonder if it is semolina?), but as far as oatmeal/porridge goes, the Scots make it with water and eat it with salt. I eat it the Dutch way, cooked with milk and with sugar and a big dob of butter…yum!

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  2. My husband hates oatmeal and Cream of Wheat. It’s definitely a texture thing with him. I do put 1/2 cup of oatmeal in his Shakeology every day though! I like them both, with sugar (salty – blech!), but like Cream of Wheat better. For some reason I think oatmeal is healthier (??) so I eat that more. I’d never heard of white rice with sugar until a friend mentioned liking that the other day. Cute Finn!


  3. I tried some Cream of Wheat, the texture was like baby food. Yuck. I stick to oatmeal! Although I add some dried fruit or something to add a bit of extra something.


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