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Cream of Wheat: Sweet or Salty?

Danny really doesn’t like oatmeal. He says it’s a texture thing. Unfortunately, I can’t imagine not having oatmeal in my life (I mean… come on! It’s so healthy and delicious… am I right?!). I tried buying some steel cut oats thinking maybe that would help with the texture issue. He will eat it, but he’s still not a big fan. So cream of wheat is a nice sort-of substitute for us. I know, it’s not the same, but equally delicious. As long as it’s not instant. That stuff is weird. Back in our beginning days, Danny was sweet one morning and made us some cream of wheat for breakfast. I took one bite and wasn’t sure what I had just put in my mouth. I made a face. He looked at me funny. It was salty! I’m sure I said something along the lines of “Who in their right mind puts salt in their cream of wheat!?” and/or “What did you accidentally put in this cream of wheat?!” but then I soon learned that he meant to …

Pumpkin Chocolate Chip Muffins

…for the win! One little addition for today… anyone who likes pumpkin and chocolate and/or is head over heels for the pumpkin chocolate chip muffins at the Great Harvest Bread Company like I am… should definitely try making these. I made them for our retiree appreciation day last Saturday and although they didn’t quite live up to the magical ones from great harvest, they were a solid substitute. Highly recommend. :)