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Sunday Sew Love: 25 January + Hiking!

Happy Happy Sunday! Here are a few beautiful makes for a beautiful day. Sonja – a hedgehog!? Oh my goodness, so adorable :) Also the puppy pajamas… seriously!? This week was full of cuteness overload. I’m pretty sure Danny, me, and the pups need matching PJs next year for the holidays. Too much? We shall see… :)


(top/left) Ginger Makes Hedgehog Quilt | (right) Nicole at Home Camas Blouse

(bottom/left) What Would Nancy Drew Wear? Wool Doggy Union Suits | (bottom/center) A Stitching Odyssey Enid Sweater

So today is all about rearranging our study. Hellooooo, new desk! :) I’m hoping it works out like I’m imagining because we have a bunch of boxed up furniture in our garage right now waiting to find its new home. For now, I’ll leave you with a few pictures from our great little hike yesterday. I hope you have a great week!




Until next time,


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