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Camping With Pups & Lessons Learned

For my birthday this year, we went camping out at Curt Gowdy State Park. I really love that place! We’ve been accumulating camping gear for a while now, but haven’t actually made a trek until now. So it was our first experience camping together AND our first time camping with the pups.

Lesson learned #1 – If you’re going to camp in Wyoming, where strong wind is the most common type of weather… make sure you don’t forget the tent stakes! Luckily, we weren’t too far out (that’s why we chose Curt Gowdy for our first trip… not too far from home if we needed anything or had any puppy emergencies)… so I ran home to get the stakes while Danny placed heavy objects on the tent to keep it from flying away and sat with the pups (and got sunburned).

As soon as we started setting up… all Finn wanted to do was help… Zoe not so much. She was content sunbathing in the grass :)

IMGP1213 IMGP1216 IMGP1217 IMGP1214IMGP1219 IMGP1220

Lesson learned #2 – pups WILL get themselves tangled 100% of the time. We got two 30-ft training leashes to keep them contained… one was attached to to the picnic table, and one to this tree… but this still happened. And I have no idea how to solve this one. So I’m not sure it was really a lesson… except maybe the pups were schooling us. Also, Finn eventually chewed his way through his leash. Luckily not until we were cleaning up, but I noticed Zoe was freaking out looking across the street. I looked over at her, and then noticed Finn was nowhere to be seen. Looked across the street – he was just roaming through the grass as happy as could be with a 3-foot chewed-up leash tail dragging from his collar :/ It was great while it lasted though… pups were able to roam the campsite safely. Will have to figure out something less edible for next time.

IMGP1226IMGP1231 IMGP1232 IMGP1278 IMGP1273

Lesson learned #3 – Be careful where you hide your hot dog! Zoe learned this one the hard way. She tried to hide it… but unfortunately couldn’t hide the hot dog smell from Finn’s strong hound-dog nose :/

IMGP1228 IMGP1229 IMGP1230

Lesson learned #4 – Puppies need puppy beds in the tent. :) We brought one little one… but figured we could use blankets other than that. Then the pups got so cold, Finn made Danny’s pillow into his bed (curled into a little adorable ball on top of it and Danny didn’t have the heart to kick him off). And Zoe ended up sleeping under a blanket in between our sleeping bags. Poor little puppy babies…

IMGP1290 IMGP1293 IMGP1299

Lesson learned #5 – Come better prepared next time… but definitely plan a next time :) Absolutely loved spending time with my man and my pups in the beautiful outdoors!

IMGP1234 IMGP1238 IMGP1243 IMGP1261IMGP1252 IMGP1258  IMGP1272 IMGP1300 IMGP13052IMGP1309 IMGP1315 IMGP1327IMGP1328 IMGP1329 IMGP1332 IMGP1336  IMGP13392_crop

Finished off my birthday with dinner at a friend’s house and the Talisman magical quest board game – we played for almost 3 hours and still didn’t even get close to finishing. Crazy magical games!


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  2. What fun! I know I’m late reading this but I just added your blog to my bloglovin’ feed. About 20 years ago my husband & I used to go tent camping in Vedauwoo with our Pit Bull Blade. He would get so cold that he’d sleep in my sleeping bag down at my feet. Now we have a 5th wheel with heat so our dogs stay quite warm…which is good b/c now we camp in Ryan Park where it’s almost always cold, but gorgeous!


    • Thanks for the add! :) Surprisingly we only made it out to Vedauwoo once while in Wyoming but it was beautiful! The 5th wheel is a very smart idea… especially around there!


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