Month: January 2014

Finn’s Bow Tie

Danny thought Finn needed a bow tie. After all, he is a very handsome boy. Here’s how it turned out: (SP18) He seemed pretty happy with it until he started shaking and scratching to get it off. Oh well… at least he looked adorable for a couple minutes. :) Again, Zoe was not impressed. Oh, and I started Pure Barre today… wow… there’s nothing like a good reminder of how absolutely non-flexible I am to get me going in the morning. Definitely not for beginners. But it was great. I think my legs are still shaking. Here’s to a strong, flexible year to come! :)

Stolen Email / Facebook Spam / My New Archenemy

For well over a year now, some girl has had her Facebook account set up under my email address. I didn’t know it until recently because I don’t use that email anymore – but, I had to go in there for something the other day and found hundreds… no, thousands… of email notifications from Facebook saying so-and-so said such-and-such about “my” photos and “my” comments, etc. I searched and searched for a solution. It seems tons of other people have had the same thing happen and there’s not much anyone has found you can do about it. Here is Facebook’s solution to my problem: Option 1: “Unsubscribe”  using the link at the bottom of any of those emails. OK, sure… because that’s going to solve my problem. Maybe I won’t receive the pesky emails anymore but my email will still be connected to some random girl’s account. Thanks, Facebook. Option 2: Add the email address to your account So the idea behind this one is that you add the email to your account so it …

Christmas Crafting, Part 2

(See Part One) Before it gets too far from the season… #6. Infinity Scarf (gift for Bethany) #7. Finn’s Christmas Stocking! Finished on Christmas day – luckily we weren’t celebrating with the pups until I got back from California :) It turned out a lot smaller than Zoe’s but I didn’t realize it until I got back and put them next to each other. Oh, well… :) He still enjoyed the treats that came out of it! I used this pattern. Here is Zoe with hers from last year: #8. Magic The Gathering Coffee Mug (gift for Danny) I tried out the sharpie technique (write anything on the mug with a sharpie and bake it for a half hour at 350 degrees) – worked like a charm. I cut out the symbols, traced them onto the mug and filled them in with colored sharpies. Danny is excited to bring it to work.        #9. Purple Dress Apron (gift for Em) This was my first attempt at using a pattern. I used McCall’s M6366, option C …