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Sunday Sew Love: Triple Take!

I seem to have an incessant need to complete things even when there’s no particular reason or need to do so. I’m one of those people who will finish a book even when I don’t like it half-way through or will complete a TV series even when it’s getting brutal to watch or I already know what happens. I sometimes wish I didn’t feel this way (visions of The Secret Life of the American Teenager are coming to mind…) :/ So long story short… (or short story long) :/ I realize there is no need for me to catch up on my Sunday Sew Love posts but here ya go anyway…

Sunday, 12 April


(left) Diary of a Chainstitcher Printed Silk Maxi Skirt | (top/center) Sewing is Therapy Dream Team

(top/right and bottom) Looks Like I Made It Dog Coat and Wiggle Skirt & High Waisted Panel Pants

Note: I save posts as I see them and I totally didn’t realize I had two from the same blog until just now as I type this… love your sewing, girl! :)

Sunday, 19 April


(top) Madalynne | (right) Creating In The Gap McCall’s 6886

(bottom/left) Montana Designs Three T’s Dress | (bottom/center) Create/Enjoy Simplicity 1355

Sunday, April 26


(top/left) Sew You Think You Can Knock Off DVF Rocks! | (top/right) krentupatterns Alexandria Peg Trousers

(bottom/left) Sewing & Cocktails Another Mandy Boat Tee | Workroom Social McCall’s M6833

That neon piping… seriously… I need to make bias tape my friend.

So I did a bit of sewing this weekend and have something fun to share this week if I get around to taking photos. But I also seem to have developed pedal ankle… or that’s what I’m going to call it. Do you ever get sore ankles after sewing a lot? That’s the only thing I can think of… it’s my right ankle and it’s killing me! I blame the topstitching! Hmm… the dangers of sewing I suppose…


Until next time,



    • haha yea maybe just a little ;) And yes it sure did! I got some wonderful packages! :) As each one came in I would excitedly show my boyfriend and each time he said something along the lines of ‘and what was this from again… your puppy pants?’ lol


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