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Sunday Sew Love: 30 November

This week was extra exciting for me… Thursday was not only an awesome day of eating and family time, it was also my official official last day in the military! On Friday, I received my “Certificate of Release from Active Duty” form and email and it was such a weird feeling. I’ve been on terminal leave for the past month, so I haven’t been at work, but it still feels different. More on that later! I hope everyone who celebrates Thanksgiving had an awesome one! And for everyone else, I hope you still had some great food and a very happy Thursday. We had an awesome meal with the fam; my aunt and grandma made it down for the day. My grandma has a hard time getting around so my Aunt told her if she wanted to come see her great grandbaby she needed to be able to use her walker. So she got up a few times a day to practice with her walker so they could come visit! So sweet… she’s so excited to …


Just another reason I keep the boy around: So I asked Danny what he wanted to do for Thanksgiving, since neither of us are able to get work off to go anywhere this year (again!). To that he responds, “Well, I thought we could volunteer… serving food or something”. :) Speaking of which, I just found and LOVE this section of Cheyenne’s newspaper website. It gives you no excuse not to get out there and do something useful in the community.