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I Think I Have a Fabric Problem

Yesterday I went to get my hair done (for the first time in over a year by the way… I need to get better at that) :/ …but the place I went to was right by Jo-Ann’s. So naturally I had to go inside… just to look around… Came out 45 minutes later with these…   That officially brings me up to 128 different fabrics in my stash. Yes, I’ve kept count… I actually have a spreadsheet to keep track of everything. That’s how I know I have a problem. I’ve only been doing this since July! I’m pretty sure it’s normal, though. Right!? I’ve done the same thing with my yarn stash. I’m just providing myself the opportunity to be inspired and make something any time the mood strikes. Plus, who can pass up a good fabric sale!? (not me, apparently)


Today I tried to convince Danny it would be a good idea for me to cut his hair. I have no idea why he didn’t like my idea. He drove around and couldn’t get into any of the barbers in town, so he said he was desperate… but apparently not desperate enough to trust me and my scissors. :/ I told him I’m really good at learning things from YouTube… I mean, it really shouldn’t matter that the only things I usually learn on YouTube are new knitting techniques… right!?! I still have complete confidence that I could do it… but we’ll see… maybe if he stays still enough in his sleep… :)