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Zero Self Control

I already know this about myself, so I don’t know why I set myself up for failure… :/ SO I thought it would be a fun idea to have a candy dish of some kind in my office. You know, entice people to come talk to me (or at least have some chocolate available for them if ever I have to deliver bad or uncomfortable news) lol… so this morning I filled it up with Easter candy… set it there by my computer. By 2pm… it looked like this: Soooo…. not sure where the candy went… :P but I’m fairly certain no one actually came in my office today. Shhh… don’t look in my trash… Well, at least I didn’t finish off the whole container… but, seriously. I wasn’t even in my office very long today. Need. Self. Control.

1st Trimester Gift Box

I’m going to be an Aunt! It’s official. My sis is prego. I’ve always liked the idea of being an Aunt. I get to spoil and play with the little one and have none of the responsibility. But… until then… I get to spoil my sissy. It is her first one, after all. And she is my only sissy. Hence, her 1st trimester gift box: Contents: Girly morning sickness bags (or as they call them morning “Chicness” bags lol) A water bottle (gotta stay hydrated, right?… at least that’s what I hear) Pregnancy workout 3-pack (different workouts for each trimester and bonus post-baby workouts) Pregnancy book (it had decent reviews and pretty colors… colors get me every time) I also found the “coupon” card in my card stash… I have a whole collection of them. I can’t remember where they came from but they crack me up.


Our second snowboarding adventure of the season… Keystone! Last weekend, we met up with my mom and dad during their two and a half week ski adventure through Colorado and Utah (they really are taking advantage of my dad’s retirement… it’s pretty awesome). And it just so happened that Danny’s brother had a work function the same weekend in Texas, so he added a little extra leg to his trip and came up this way for a few days with his boyfriend. We stayed in the River Run Condos and one of the nights had an amazing dinner at the Alpenglow Stube at the top of the mountain (the food was amazing but it was quite an experience… it took 2 gondola rides to get there and it was freezing cold… they even gave us blankets for the ride and slippers to wear once we got in the restaurant). View from the room (icicles!!)… and yes, naturally, at one point in the trip Danny and his brother tore off a few and had a sword …

Two Years

So apparently it’s been two years since I registered for WordPress. Happy Anniversary to my blog! In June it will be 10 years overall (including my time on Xanga). Crazy. Thanks to anyone who still checks in on me from time to time! Oh, and completely off-topic… today I signed up for our wing’s new program – the Mighty Ninety Safe Ride! In the past, they had a contract with one of the local cab companies that provided rides for people who maybe had a drink or so too many or maybe ended up in a bad situation; but with the unreliability of the cab company (and it was costing a lot for not getting much out of it), our new wing commander started this program. I’m interested to see how it turns out. Or how much people will use it. Hopefully they do. I started out signing up for a Saturday night and two weeknights in February as a driver… I’ll see how those go first and then sign up for more from there …