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Farewell, Summer.

Are we sure Summer didn’t just start?!

I’ve been working on clearing photos off my phone (it took me nearly 2 1/2 years, but I finally filled up my phone’s memory enough that it stopped working)… here are a few from my last Summer in Cheyenne:

Sunbathing and lazy-bum pups galore:




The view of Cheyenne from a long run:


A random funny moment at the clinic:


My last Frontier Days:


A giant Thanksgiving dinner in August:


My best bowling score to date (and yes, apparently it was my alter ego Kylie who got the score, not me):


My first traditional Shave Ice:

img_20140819_200811_975 (1)2

Hello, Fall (a.k.a. Winter… we are in Wyoming, after all! I’m just hoping the snow holds off a little bit longer than last year…)! I can already feel the holiday season coming! :)

Until next time,



  1. Anonymous says

    I love all of you sewing tutorials you’re such a talented women! Your brother looks guilty of something laying with the pups. I hear that it’s pretty windy in Cheyenne just like it is here in Chicago.


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