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Sunday Sew Love: 9 November

(left) The Felted Fox Tulip Dress DIY | (center) barethread Frocktober (right/top) lower your presser foot Marabella Dress | (right/bottom) Sewn By Elizabeth K&L Outfit Happy weekend! Our boxes are almost all unpacked (just a few left!!! ok, maybe 7 or so, but still… getting much closer) :) And I finished setting up my sewing machine today so I know what I’ll be doing over the next few days (yay!). Also need to check in at my new work tomorrow… make sure I’m all good to go there and get some other odds and ends done now that we’re sort of almost settled (like getting new car registration and a new license and such…) :/ Oh, and here’s a picture of my new little nephew… just because he is crazy adorable. :) We did a little photo shoot the other day. He made it just in time to be a Halloween baby… I imagine he will probably either love or hate his birthday being on Halloween. I’m not sure how I’d feel about it. Until …

A Menagerie of Cousins

I’m a cousin again! Oh, wait. Is that the right term? Cousin once removed? What? I feel like I’ve already talked about this… or maybe I just looked it up before when I realized I have so many of them. The newest addition came a few weeks early. Can you say freaking adorable… I’ll go ahead and say it… freaking adorable. :) And here’s more adorable-ness in the dress I made for her:

Cardmaking Adventures

Ok ok… baby gift almost complete. At first, I tried to make her name out of the letter beads… but apparently the two packs that I bought a while ago only had one “K” in the whole bunch. Craziness. The grey and yellow star part came from their invitation. Also made one for my bff whose birthday is coming soon! (Finally she will be old with me… Bethany, hopefully you don’t see this before the 14th… but if you do, oh well… you know what’s headed your way!). These are my first homemade cards (other than the ones I used to make as a kid with construction paper and crayons)… they aren’t a huge step up from that but they were fun nonetheless! There will definitely be more to come.