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Looking for Friends: Sweet Moment of the Day

Our doorbell rarely rings. Basically it has only gone off about 6 times since we moved in here, and most of those were food deliveries. But today it went off and of course the puppies got super excited and Finn started barking. I put them in the garage (my new strategy when there is someone at the door)… and opened the door. There were two adorable little girls standing there with their bike helmets on. They looked maybe 6 and 8… somewhere around there… I’m not the best at guessing ages. They looked a little nervous… the older one waited just a moment then said, “We’re looking for friends… we’re new here.” At first I didn’t know what to say… I think I just smiled at them for a few seconds… then I had to break it to them that no kids live at our house. They both looked a little defeated. But then I said, “but the kids right across the street just moved in, maybe you can check that house.” They both smiled, …


I was witness to an adorable moment between a pair of siblings yesterday morning at the bus stop right down from my house (sometimes, when I leave later than I should :/ I get stopped across the street while the bus picks up the kids). It was an older brother walking his younger brother to the bus. The little one got in line and then right as he was up to the door, he ran back over to his big brother to give him a hug… then got on the bus. So sweet. I’m sure those moments don’t happen all the time. If only I knew the parents to tell them how adorable their kids were.