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3rd Trimester Gift Box

I had big plans to make/sew stuff for this box… but then I got lazy (or didn’t have time… etc… I’m afraid I have no good excuses). :/ Contents: Bravado! nursing bra (the name makes it sound very exciting… I just liked the pink zebra print) A mini massager (I was assuming she would need this by now, but apparently her pregnancy has been pretty low key on the sickness/pain/etc. front) Completely adorable top from ASOS (they sent the wrong size… hopefully it still fits okay) Knit black maternity skirt from H&M Now, there are a couple of stories behind this box. At first, all I’d planned for was the bra, massager, something handmade, and bath salts. I was going for the relaxing end of pregnancy stuff. But when the bath salts came in the mail (I ordered everything from Amazon), the container was open and the bath salts had infiltrated the entire box :/ Bad part was, the nice relaxing lavender chamomile scent smelled almost exactly like kitty litter. To me, anyway. And I’m pretty sure Sissy deals with enough …

2nd Trimester Gift Box

Sissy update! Here’s my little niece or nephew! Can’t see much yet… but I’m sure he/she is adorable. So here’s my sissy’s 2nd trimester gift box (should have made it in the mail to her by now): Contents: Sewn-with-love maternity shirt Belly Butter  Bellaband (thought about trying to make one myself… then didn’t bother… maybe if she likes it I’ll give it a try…) (See her 1st trimester box here) Oh, and here’s Zoe. She wanted to say hi. :)

1st Trimester Gift Box

I’m going to be an Aunt! It’s official. My sis is prego. I’ve always liked the idea of being an Aunt. I get to spoil and play with the little one and have none of the responsibility. But… until then… I get to spoil my sissy. It is her first one, after all. And she is my only sissy. Hence, her 1st trimester gift box: Contents: Girly morning sickness bags (or as they call them morning “Chicness” bags lol) A water bottle (gotta stay hydrated, right?… at least that’s what I hear) Pregnancy workout 3-pack (different workouts for each trimester and bonus post-baby workouts) Pregnancy book (it had decent reviews and pretty colors… colors get me every time) I also found the “coupon” card in my card stash… I have a whole collection of them. I can’t remember where they came from but they crack me up.