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Fall Sewing Plans

Sitting here waiting for my dinner to finish in the oven, I just came across the Fall Essentials Sew-Along on Rhinestones & Telephones. So of course while I could easily be working on other things, I instead decided to see how my fall sewing wishlist fit into the sewalong categories. :) Here are three that fit in perfectly: Fashionable Foundations for Frosty Weather: Urban Wear Jersey Pants from Ottobre’s last issue in Grey Ponte Knit Chic Chemises for Cool Climates: Hey June Biscayne Blouse in a Madras Plaid Fabulous Frocks: Dixie DIY Bonnell Dress in this beautiful Brocade Although they may or may not be touched before November 14th… a girl can dream, right!? :) What are you sewing this fall (or whatever season you are currently experiencing)? Hope you had a great weekend! We did a color run walk today… it was a lot of fun, but oh my goodness what a mess! =D Until next time,

Fort Bragg Whale Run 2015

I’m not exactly the most serious of runners, but give me a nice view and a cute t-shirt, and I’m on board with just about any race you can throw at me. The Whale Run one was right up that alley. It was in Fort Bragg last weekend – right along the coast… and even though the weather wasn’t great, it was still so beautiful. Here are a few pictures from along the way: As I was coming across the finish line, phone in hand, the announcer made a comment about texting while running. :/ If only he knew how bad I am at texting… Anyway, I’ve decided I’m about halfway on board with phone photos. You go anywhere these days and all you see are people with there phones taking pictures. I’m usually standing around thinking, ‘what happened to all the cameras in the world!?’ Is this just another sign I’m getting old? Hmm… perhaps. But I guess I have to give my phone a little credit; they are decent quality. And it’s definitely better …

Second Half-Marathon

I ran my second half-marathon this morning. I have yet to train for one of these things, but I think I would like to one day. Last time was the Rock ‘N’ Roll half with my family in Vegas last December. They got me to sign up the day before. This one was a competition on base (they call it Frontiercade… there’s archery, soccer, tug-of-war, a commander’s chip toss, running races, etc. etc… and all of the groups/squadrons go up against one another)… but you automatically got 4 points for finishing the half. So I signed up a few days ago. I can’t remember my time from last year… but this one was 2:33… not great by any means, but only 5 minutes from the 3rd place under-30 female :) Oh, and as of today, I have been in the Air Force for exactly 2 years. Can’t believe how fast it goes by!