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1st Trimester Gift Box

I’m going to be an Aunt! It’s official. My sis is prego. I’ve always liked the idea of being an Aunt. I get to spoil and play with the little one and have none of the responsibility. But… until then… I get to spoil my sissy. It is her first one, after all. And she is my only sissy. Hence, her 1st trimester gift box: Contents: Girly morning sickness bags (or as they call them morning “Chicness” bags lol) A water bottle (gotta stay hydrated, right?… at least that’s what I hear) Pregnancy workout 3-pack (different workouts for each trimester and bonus post-baby workouts) Pregnancy book (it had decent reviews and pretty colors… colors get me every time) I also found the “coupon” card in my card stash… I have a whole collection of them. I can’t remember where they came from but they crack me up.