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Dog Blog

Probably a little more often than we should and/or more often than I would normally like to admit to people — Danny and I talk in dog language. We have entire conversations some days without saying a word to each other. We talk for our dogs. They have conversations. Many days they talk more than we do ;) Sometimes I have to scold Finn for using bad language and Zoe always comes off as the little princess who believes the world revolves around her (which I’m about 100% sure is absolutely true… for example, Zoe said today that she wants to move to Beverly Hills and live in a house with a big gate with a “Z” on it). But anyway, Danny always talks in his Zoe voice about her Dog Blog (she seems to think she has one and that it’s very popular). So, short story long… I couldn’t help but find this actual dog blog absolutely adorable. Ellie is a BDAR alum — recently adopted into her forever home — and she’ll tell …

DIY Kindle/Nook Cover

Sewing project #3 –┬áKindle Nook Cover! Taking inspiration from here and here, I made my own version with fabric I had on leftover… It’s not exactly straight (I really don’t like measuring, and I’m still working on that whole sewing straight thing)… but it’ll be perfect for protecting my new Nook on vacation in my carry on :)

My Kindle Nook… or is it a Nook Kindle?

So… Danny got me a Nook for my B-day this year. It’s a wonderful gadget and all… but I am a Kindle girl at heart (he really didn’t understand the difference) :P So I feel like I’m compromising. Instead of giving up my birthday present… I’m working the system and using my Nook as a Kindle. Maybe it’s cheating, but I couldn’t imagine having it any other way. BTW, it took me two and a half weeks to decide what to do about it. I even called my mom for advice. That’s how concerned I was. Now to sew it a cover…


Ok, so once again I fail at life… or just at my blog. :) I’m trying to get better about updating so that I turn it into a habit before I go on my deployment. Whether or not I post everything right away, I hope to keep a good record of everything that happens. That’s my favorite thing about a blog. My modern diary… I can document my life for the days when I am old and forgetful and would like to look back on what happened in my life and I don’t have to go around searching for a little book that I wrote some things down in at some point along the way. Anyway, it will also be one of my New Year’s resolutions to post more often, so we’ll see. I’ve had this “new” blog for almost a year now and only have a few posts. 2013… here I come!