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DIY Headboard Full of Memories

I came across this post about DIY headboards the other day and decided I need to share another. I wish I could take credit for this one but it was absolutely 100% my mom.

A little while back, our county suffered a really bad storm. It hit the worst over near what was my Grandma’s house – now my Uncle’s house. They live right on the lake, and the pier was torn apart. So was the roof of the house… and the fence… and trees were strewn everywhere. I didn’t actually see the worst of it, but I saw everything after it was cleaned up and there was just a weird sense of calm. Like something was missing.

Here was the pier before the storm:

IMG_0210 IMG_0100

Actually, way back in the day, there was a lot more to it. Where those ducks are standing there was another entire section. But of course life has happened… other storms have come though… it’s changed and adapted over the years.


This pier has seen a lot. My cousins and I grew up having “play days” at Grandma’s house. Running up and down the pier. Getting splinters. Feeding the ducks. Jumping off the top when the lake was high enough. Getting stuck in the weeds when it was low.


In the midst of cleaning up from the storm, my mom decided to save some of the usable pieces of wood. The guys thought she was crazy, but they helped her save them anyway. She took them home, sanded most of the blue off, purposely leaving a little here and there for memory’s sake. Then she pieced them together and created this beautiful headboard.



It’s even more beautiful in person… I don’t really think the pictures do it justice. It went into my old bedroom at my parents’ house (now a nice little guest room). It was probably smart of her not to make a bigger one or I definitely would’ve tried to steal it for my own house. :)


It was just such a nice, fun way to capture the memory of our childhood, of my grandma, and of the pier itself.

Awww. Is that sappy enough for a Thursday? :)

Until next time,




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