Month: July 2013


Last week, Danny told me that he thinks I have an addiction to dresses. Just because, sometimes, late at night, when I should be going to bed, I instead go online and shop for dresses (how can anyone resist all of the adorable and reasonably-priced dresses on ModCloth) and then make up reasons why I “need” them (even though I wear a uniform every day)… that doesn’t mean I’m addicted… does it? Hmm… So anyway, now he’s trying to tell me I have a dog addiction. I don’t see what’s so wrong with wanting to save every single stinkin’ adorable puppy face out there. The BDAR volunteer group on Facebook always posts the urgent dogs in Wyoming that need foster homes. Now that we’re not fostering anymore, it kills me inside every time I look at all those faces. Today, I guess someone came in to drop off 12 dogs at one of the shelters that we work with… 12! I just want to pick one (or maybe 3) and say we’ll take him/her/them! Please …

My First Refashion

As per usual, Pinterest makes me think I can do things whether or not I actually have the skills to do them. Hence the refashion. Picked up this way-too-big shirtdress for $3 at the thrift store when I was looking for fabric for my adopt me vests. I messed up on the side seam, so I added some lace under the arms, and I turned part of the bottom section that I cut off into a tie belt. Not perfect… but not bad for my first try! I’ll definitely wear it out in public sometime.


I was witness to an adorable moment between a pair of siblings yesterday morning at the bus stop right down from my house (sometimes, when I leave later than I should :/ I get stopped across the street while the bus picks up the kids). It was an older brother walking his younger brother to the bus. The little one got in line and then right as he was up to the door, he ran back over to his big brother to give him a hug… then got on the bus. So sweet. I’m sure those moments don’t happen all the time. If only I knew the parents to tell them how adorable their kids were.

Dog Scouts of America

It’s a real thing. Who knew!? Well, apparently quite a few people knew… and their dogs have awesome badges. I’m not sure my dogs are qualified for any of the badges. Maybe if they had badges for licking and biting and jumping on people… or maybe for farting or digging… :( Ugh, I guess it really is time to take them to obedience classes…

Tile Umm… yes, please. It’s like the locator thing I used to have where there was a button that you push to find your stuff… until I lost the button thing. :( Until of course someone steals your stuff, sees the tile connected to it, and throws it away… But, just for around the house and finding my keys and such… I definitely think I will need this.   Edit: apparently this is only for i-products… no tile for me :(