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Last week, Danny told me that he thinks I have an addiction to dresses. Just because, sometimes, late at night, when I should be going to bed, I instead go online and shop for dresses (how can anyone resist all of the adorable and reasonably-priced dresses on ModCloth) and then make up reasons why I “need” them (even though I wear a uniform every day)… that doesn’t mean I’m addicted… does it? Hmm…

So anyway, now he’s trying to tell me I have a dog addiction. I don’t see what’s so wrong with wanting to save every single stinkin’ adorable puppy face out there. The BDAR volunteer group on Facebook always posts the urgent dogs in Wyoming that need foster homes. Now that we’re not fostering anymore, it kills me inside every time I look at all those faces. Today, I guess someone came in to drop off 12 dogs at one of the shelters that we work with… 12! I just want to pick one (or maybe 3) and say we’ll take him/her/them! Please don’t let those sweet babies be euthanized! But I’m pretty sure our landlords would not be happy campers with us if I did. I keep thinking I should talk to them about it, but we’re trying to get through our dying grass situation first… :/ (the pups and the weather have been crazy rough on the yard this summer).

Hello. My name is Kyla. I am a dog and dress-aholic.

And I am perfectly ok with that.

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