Year: 2012

Love Always

Found out some awesome news yesterday at work… one of our volunteers, who is 73 years old, has plans to get married later in the year. I just thought that was the sweetest thing. You never know when love will find you. They still had to take the test at her church and are waiting to hear back the results (of which he seemed a little uncertain) but he was also just so happy, you couldn’t help but let his news brighten your day!

Blood Money

Well… to be a little more specific, plasma money. They say you should live like a student while you are paying off student loans. Well I’m now taking that to the next level. Danny and I have resorted to selling our plasma for extra spending money. Yes, I am a full-time pharmacist, but there are too many flights to buy! :) I’m not sure how I feel about it yet; we only went the one time so far, but I have my second “donation” scheduled for tomorrow. I must say, walking into the BioLife place doesn’t quite give me the warm fuzzies like the blood bank, and it’s not quite as luxurious either (no warm blankets or calcium chews to munch on when your lips start to tingle… and they didn’t even have one of those hand things for me to squeeze to get my blood pumping), but it’s hard to say no to free money when all you have to do is sit there and read for a little while. I figure I will keep it up …

K-LOVE, you trickster

Today, I finally decided to leave my car radio set on K-LOVE for a while. I constantly find myself skimming through stations and landing on a station playing a song I haven’t heard before. I listen for a while, thinking, hmm… this has a nice tune… I wonder why I haven’t heard this song before. Then, after listening closer to the words that I have begun singing along to, I realize I am singing about the lord. That’s about the time I remember that I am not actually religious. Oh well… what can ya do… I still enjoy the tunes.

Always an Adventure

Yet again re-inspired to keep up my blog… it takes a lot to keep me going these days (this time I credit the book The Happiness Project that I picked up at the airport the other day… but more on that later). This past weekend, two of my friends from pharmacy school got married in Hilton Head, South Carolina. It was a beautiful wedding on the beach, and the bride looked absolutely gorgeous. It was also amazing to see everyone again. Most of them I haven’t seen since graduation almost a year ago! So here’s the adventure part… I had bought my ticket for just the weekend from the 27th through the 29th of April. Well, we get to the airport, I walk up to the counter, give her my name… and wait; she can’t seem to find my reservation. She asks me what time my flight is, so I tell her… and then I hand her the piece of paper I’ve been carrying around all weekend with my flight information on it. She looks at …