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Baggage Claim Etiquette

I don’t have very many pet peeves. I like to think that I have a fairly high tolerance for crazy and annoying. But this is one that I can’t seem to get over. Every time I travel, it bothers me to the point that I start to worry that I might be developing anger issues. Like I might punch someone. Really.

So I’ve just gotten off my nice, relaxing 3-hour flight where I got to wedge my head against the window and the chair in the hopes that I don’t wake up on the shoulder of the guy next to me (sorry guy on my last flight… I hope I didn’t drool too much). I trek my exhausted self from the plane to the shuttle and over to baggage claim #7. I stand a few feet back from the conveyor belt to wait patiently for my bags and before there is even enough time for a crowd to develop, a lady comes and stands directly in between me and the conveyor belt.

Really!? Nope, I’m just standing here for fun. I wasn’t waiting for a bag, no worries. And then the rest of them fill in… and like clockwork the belt starts moving and people start pushing through each other to get to their bags while those people whose bags have not even come out of the thing yet are standing right next to the belt like that is going to make it come out quicker, or maybe to prevent someone else from stealing their bag, I don’t know. My brain really cannot process the reasoning behind it.

I’m not sure what Emily Post would say about this issue, but I know that my life (and yours) would be 1000% easier and more relaxed if you would just take a step or two back where you can have a full view of the incoming bags, wait patiently for your bags to come, then step up to the belt and, hey! look at that! you magically have enough room to actually take your bag off the belt without knocking down the child or old lady next to you. Crazy idea, I know.

As an aside, if you do this without realizing it, or if you are an infrequent traveler, I apologize. I’m sure you are a wonderful person on the inside. But next time you stand in front of someone at the baggage claim… maybe remember this, and remember my anger issues, and just hope that that person you just stepped in front of doesn’t feel the same.

Next time you fly, take a look around at baggage claim. Take a step or two back and watch it happen. Then imagine what a peaceful world it would be if everyone took a step or two back. That is my picture of an ideal world.

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