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Pumpkin Chocolate Chip Muffins

…for the win! One little addition for today… anyone who likes pumpkin and chocolate and/or is head over heels for the pumpkin chocolate chip muffins at the Great Harvest Bread Company like I am… should definitely try making these. I made them for our retiree appreciation day last Saturday and although they didn’t quite live up to the magical ones from great harvest, they were a solid substitute. Highly recommend. :)

Thankfuls continued… blues, friends, patients with patience, bread, and boyfriend

As always… a lot to catch up on… 5 November – I am thankful for my blues… and the fact that I only wear them once a week. 6 November – I am thankful for my friends… near and far… new and old. They are the glue in my ever-changing life. They keep me sane even if I haven’t talked to them for a while. Just knowing they are there for me can get me though anything. 7 November – I am thankful for the patients at work who genuinely say “Oh, that’s all!?” when I tell them they are going to have a 30-minute wait time for their prescription (pretty standard)… also the ones who call their refills in early and those who smile when they come to the pick-up window… it is you wonderful, patient and understanding people that (who?) make my days brighter :) – oh, grammar, sometimes you baffle me 8 November – I am thankful for the Great Harvest Bread Company and their amazing pumpkin chocolate chip muffins… so fresh and warm at 0630… and their free slices …