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Seven Dwarf Costumes

Seven Dwarf Costumes – Part Three Tunics and Hats! (see also: belts and shoes) Also, a fun word that I learned in the process of making these: armscye aka the armhole, refers to the opening to which the sleeve is sewn. Who knew!? (well, probably a lot of people… but not me!) So here’s my makeshift pattern (not to scale) and process. Each tunic used approximately 3 yards of fabric; some a little more some a little less depending on the size. For Dopey’s tunic, it ended up taking a full 5 yards of fabric. I used solid flannel for 5 of the tunics and broadcloth for the other 2. STEP ONE: GET MEASUREMENTS Here are the measurements I took from each individual for the tunics: Length from neck to knee (or however long they wanted the tunic) Shoulder width Arm length (shoulder to wrist) Abdominal circumference (I used this both for the belt and the tunic) STEP TWO: MAKE PATTERN AND CUT FABRIC Note: I only ended up needed to make one pattern to go along with …

Dwarf Slippers and Shoe Covers

Seven Dwarfs Costumes – Part Two I finally finished our Seven Dwarfs costumes yesterday! Pictures to come. First, here are the slippers and shoe covers to go along with them. I took inspiration from here, although I didn’t follow her directions exactly. I used felt for the main part of the slippers and material from my snuggie that the pups tore apart for the inside layers, plus stuffing from an old torn apart dog bed (see, if it wasn’t for the pups destroying so many things, I wouldn’t have as many materials to work with) ;) Here’s the making of: Not everyone wanted to wear slippers all day in the pharmacy… so I came up with some dwarf shoe covers too. I tried one out and it worked on me, but I’m hoping the rest fit ok… I was very approximate with my sizing :/ – we’ll see on Thursday!     (SP11B)

Costume Belts

Seven Dwarfs Costumes – Part One. Super easy costume belts! Here was my rough design: Materials Needed: Fabric in 2 colors Batting (or another layer of thicker fabric) Thread Small craft knife or scissors Velcro Fray Check Iron Sewing machine STEP 1: CUT YOUR FABRIC. The strip needs to be cut about 2-3x the width that you want the belt. The length is the waist circumference plus a few inches (just to give room for the velcro strip). STEP 2: FOLD AND IRON. Fold over about 1/4-1/2″ along each long edge and iron, then fold in half and iron flat.    STEP 3: SEW. Fold in each short end about 1/4-1/2″ and sew closed. Then sew along the long open edge, as close to the edge as you can get. STEP 4: ADD VELCRO. Attach a 4-5″ piece of velcro to opposite ends and sides of the belt (as shown in the design above). STEP 5: MAKE BUCKLE. Figure out what size you want the buckle. Cut out two pieces of colored fabric and one of batting. Sandwich the batting, sew …