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Creative Sewing Challenge with the Blue Dot Georgia Top!

Blue Dot Patterns Creative Sewing Challenge 2015

A little while back, the wonderful Melissa from Mahlica Designs invited me to participate in a Creative Sewing Challenge with Blue Dot Patterns. (Side note: I’ve been loving following along with her Core Wardrobe project… definitely something I’ve thought about doing but haven’t jumped in yet) :)

So needless to say, I immediately accepted the challenge! Basically it was to take one of the three Blue Dot patterns — Georgia, Margo, or Dover —  and make it your own. Challenge: accepted! ;)

So then came my thought process… I initially chose the Margo blouse. I was thinking something with lace overlay for the holidays or I thought about stealing the plaid fabric I have in my fall sewing plans and going more casual. THEN… I came across a couple of images that inspired me to pick the Dover jacket!

Blue Dot Patterns Dover Jacket Ideas | Life by Ky Blog

Sources: Top: Short Sleeve Madewell Utility Jacket | Bottom: H&M Peplum Jacket

Isn’t that top one gorgeous!? I can see adding some pockets, a tie, collar, and altering the sleeves to make something really similar. And the bottom… use a heavyweight knit and switch out the buttons for a zipper. Mmmm… yes, I really want both in my closet right now! Unfortunately I didn’t think I’d have time to get these ones done in time for the challenge (silly me, on a whim I signed up for a holiday craft fair even though I have nothing made… shhh… don’t tell! So I’ve been a little busy…).

Right around this same time, though – as I was drooling over jackets – I received my November Knit Fix (darn you Girl Charlee and your sales) :) And I knew immediately what I was going to make!

Here’s what I got in my Knit Fix:

November Knit Fix | Life by Ky Blog

November Knit Fix | Life by Ky Blog

Can you guess what I used?!

OH, YES… that baroque was born to be a Georgia Top!

Blue Dot Patterns Georgia Top | Life by Ky Blog

I’ve told myself many times that I’m not a huge fan of dolman tops. But then I got one a while back from Stitch Fix and I became a convert. It’s so comfy and easy to wear! So after seeing this fabric I knew exactly what I wanted to do.

Blue Dot Patterns Georgia Top Modification | Life by Ky Blog

I knew I wanted the sleeves to go over my elbows so I added a couple of inches there and brought it in slightly so the band would be a little tighter since it would be lower down on my arm. I also added a good 8 inches to the length and tapered it in so it would be tighter on my hips.

Blue Dot Patterns Georgia Top | Life by Ky Blog

It’s a great alternative to the banded option. This way, you can wear it up higher so it looks like it has a band…

Blue Dot Patterns Georgia Top | Life by Ky Blog

Or you can pull it down to a tunic length…

Blue Dot Patterns Georgia Top | Life by Ky Blog

I finished the bottom with a 3/4″ hem using my double needle.

Blue Dot Patterns Georgia Top | Life by Ky Blog

And of course added one of my tags… there’s a size tag underneath too so I remember what size I made for the next time! It’s a little off-center, but no one will ever know :)

Ugh I am completely in love with this top. I’m sad because the fabric is already starting to pill (I’ve worn it twice already) :) but it’s sure to get worn into the ground anyway and at least it’s not too noticeable (and no worse than tops that I buy at the store).

Blue Dot Patterns Georgia Top | Life by Ky Blog

And yes, in case you were wondering… our back yard is a graveyard for old dog toys and stuffing… don’t mind them :)

Blue Dot Patterns Georgia Top | Life by Ky Blog

And that’s a wrap! It’s not a huge alteration… but it was easy to do and it changed the look of the top to fit my style a little better :) I feel like I could make a whole bundle of these and wear them every day!

Disclaimer: As a gift for participating, I received all three patterns… but all opinions are my own. I hadn’t heard of Blue Dot Patterns before Melissa contacted me but I’m already a fan — all three are simple, well thought out designs that can really be altered to fit anyone’s style.

I’m super excited to see what the other ladies come up with!

Amy of thatssewamy

Ashley of sewnbyashley

Cindy of

Melissa of mahlicadesigns

Michelle of thatblackchic

Rachel of Bobbinsonmymind

Sara of musingsofaseamstress

Shanni from Shanniloves

 Beginning December 1st, see all of the makes on Mahlica Designs and there will also be a giveaway to go along with the challenge that will run from 12/1 through 12/18! Find it on Mahlica Designs or Gator Bunny Sews (where you will find Diane, the one behind Blue Dot Patterns!).

Last but not least… here’s a little peek behind the scenes at my current “tripod” situation. Diane, this one’s for you! :)

 Ironing board + cereal box + self timer = good to go!

 Until next time,



  1. Kyla, I’m not sure where to start, the really cute Georgia or the side splitting tripod arrangement.
    I like how you lengthened the bodice to give you two looks. Wearing it up on your hip doesn’t look too bunched up and wearing it tunic length looks good too.
    I’ve used boxes on top of all sorts of things, and camera on top of construction bucket, but never thought about my ironing board, brilliant.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Kyla, I’m still crying over here about the tripod…I appreciate thinking outside the box. You definitely win for “creativity”. But on to your blouse, I love it! The fitted hip you made is really flattering and I may be stealing the idea from you. Thanks for sharing!

    Liked by 1 person

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