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Buying Sewing Notions Online — Good Idea? Or a Recipe for Disaster?

I’ve learned that I really like to have notions on hand. I don’t live near a fabric or sewing store of any kind (okay… I admit – there’s a quilting shop in town that I haven’t been to yet… but my hopes aren’t very high that they’ll have the things I’m looking for… but I still need to check them out one of these days). So anyway, I’ve taken to online shopping for my notions. The problem with online is they don’t always tell or show you exactly what the things you are purchasing look like. Therefore, you have to be just a little bit smart and, well, you know… read descriptions. And from those descriptions you hopefully have a good idea of what you’re ordering. Crazy idea, right!? Which brings us to today’s story. I recently learned my lesson the hard way. What was the lesson, you ask? Well let’s see. Here’s a nice little picture of some cotton piping cord:


Okay, great… that’s what I need. I needed less than a yard but I figured… well, why not have some on hand for future projects… get the spool!

The description listed pounds rather than yards. Should have been my first clue. But did it sway my decision… nope, sure didn’t. 3 pounds. Does it sound like a lot?





No… apparently not to me! 3 pounds… that’s one little weight that I lift during warm up in a Chalean workout. It’s nothing!











So then this showed up in the mail.


Yep. I read the word spool… I pictured something obviously larger than a spool of thread… but much smaller than, well… my entire upper body!

Here are the pups with the spool to give you a little better perspective:


Very curious as she is, Zoe pushed it around for a little while. Then she looked at me like I had just given her the most uninteresting toy in the world.


Finn… well, he just waited patiently for his treats for letting me take a picture of his adorable face next to the spool :)

So don’t be surprised if you see a lot of piping in my future ;) And please tell me I’m not the only one who has done something like this. :)

Also, can I just say that ‘haberdashery’ sounds so much cooler than ‘notions’ but I’m about 99.9% certain that I cannot pull of saying it :) For those of you who can, just know that I’m  jealous that you have that word in your vocabulary.

Oh, and for the record… here’s how much piping I needed for my project:



Until next time,



  1. You made me realy luugh! :D This or something simliar did not happen to me yet, but it totaly could! I think I was just very lucky till now. But hey, from now on drawstrings and piping for every project! :)

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  2. Beverly says

    I really enjoyed this post and was reminded of some of my adventures in buying online. Piping on everything!

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  3. Haha, that is a lot of piping, what will you do with all of it?? Thanks for these tips, I’ll use them in the future! I have a Joann’s about 20 minutes away from me, so I normally go there. I’m too nervous to venture into online territory, especially for buying fabric, because I’m afraid it might show up brighter on screen, or it might feel really uncomfortable against my skin…I just never know what I’ll get.

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    • Isn’t it? lol :) No idea what I’ll do with it but I’ve definitely been brainstorming! And true true… buying fabric online can be very hit or miss. I’ve ordered a few things that came and were just as they looked and felt like I imagined… then I’ve ordered other things that came and I had to re-think my whole project idea because it wasn’t what I was expecting.


  4. What a great story! I got a good laugh! You will be able to make piping for the rest of your life! I buy online all the time but don’t have any interesting stories to tell. The problem with buying fabric online is it opened up a whole new world- JoAnns can get boring. Now I have too much fabric! I am not sure how I will ever catch up in my sewing!

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    • Thanks! haha I know, right? Piping foreeeever! I feel that way about my fabric too… pretty sure it will take a lifetime to sew through what I already have, but that sure won’t stop me from buying more ;) I perused back through your blog and saw the old post about the LA Fabric District! Oh goodness… I never knew such a place existed but it sounds wonderful!


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