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Put A Bird On It: Vintage McCall’s Edition

I have to admit, when the voting came around for this month’s TMS challenge, I believe I voted for “Put a fox on it”. Yes, there are some adorable fox prints out there… but I’m pretty the majority had it right on this one in selecting birds! :)

The Monthly Stitch April 2015

Plus, I already had bird fabric in my stash from months ago! I got it back when we were living in Wyoming, shortly before we left. I had to travel to Utah to take my California pharmacy licensure exam (somehow this was the closest testing site) :/, so after the test I dragged Danny to A Fashionable Stitch back when she had her brick & mortar store open. It was an adorable place and I couldn’t pass up this beautiful cotton voile. I told myself it was my celebratory gift for passing my exam (even though I didn’t hear the results for months… I told myself I could use it as soon as I found out I passed… so considering I passed and have been working for months now, it was about time to use it) :) So thank you, TMS peeps, for helping me break into my stash!

Fabric: Aves Chatter Dim in Voile from the Winged Collection by Bonnie Christine. The whole collection is adorable!


Pattern: (Vintage) McCall’s 6367, view B. It’s one of the patterns I have from my grandma and the first vintage garment pattern I’ve used (assuming that time I made a tie doesn’t count) :)

Vintage McCall's 6367

The Result: About halfway through, I realized I should have chosen a fabric with more drape for this pattern. I added a few darts in the front and a few in the back (all definitely not part of the pattern), I took in the sides an inch or so on each side, and closed up the arm opening about 3 inches on each side to stop it from sticking out all crazy. It should have been a decently quick make, but it turned into quite the project. Worked out alright in the end… because of the print  you really can’t tell that the darts are extremely uneven and multidirectional unless you look close. I had no idea what I was doing! :/

Vintage McCall's 6367 | Life by Ky Blog

Vintage McCall's 6367 | Life by Ky Blog

Vintage McCall's 6367 | Life by Ky Blog

Vintage McCall's 6367 | Life by Ky Blog

The buttons I used came from my button jar… which consists mostly of ones I got from my grandma, plus a few that came from other various places. I’m pretty sure I will never need to purchase buttons. Does everyone have a button jar? I can remember growing up playing with the buttons from my mom’s button jar, so naturally I had to make one of my own when I started sewing. There’s something strangely relaxing about sifting through buttons to find the perfect ones (and matching ones!). Am I right? Or am I just crazy? :)

Vintage McCall's 6367 | Life by Ky Blog

Vintage McCall's 6367 | Life by Ky Blog

Vintage McCall's 6367 | Life by Ky Blog

Ugh… don’t look too close at it. This is where it becomes glaringly obvious I was clueless how to fix my problem. Question: If you have too much bulk in the back of your shirt – what is that called? Does it have a name? And what do you do to fix it? Must add to my to do list: research shirtmaking.

Vintage McCall's 6367 | Life by Ky Blog

In the end, with all of my alterations, I probably should have just taken the whole thing apart and started over… but I didn’t know how to fix my problems anyway :/ So that’s that. It’ll get worn, regardless!

Vintage McCall's 6367 | Life by Ky Blog

Until next time,



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  2. springystitches says

    Gorgeous fabric, it looks lovely on you! I’m with you on the button front – there’s nothing like rummaging in the button jar and finding the perfect ones! :)


  3. That fabric is gorgeous! You’ve ended up with a great blouse, regardless of your issues with it. I think matching fabric with patterns comes with experience. I’m still making mistakes with mine!


  4. I think you did a great job! It’s super cute! You might check some swayback adjustment discussions and look at before and after pictures and see if that might be what you had going on. I think it was smart to take the vertical darts personally. But I don’t know much about that even though I have the same issue. :) On another note, I can’t believe Cheyenne or Laramie (or even Ft. Collins) don’t have any testing sites for pharmacy, especially at UW. That’s just crazy!


    • Thanks! I’ve heard the term swayback adjustment… I’ll have to look into that and see! And I know, right? You’d think they would have one! Or even Denver!


  5. I love your blouse! Pretty fabric and you have done it so nicely. Love your button too, I have similar that I found in my mother in law drawer :)


    • Thank you! That’s awesome that you have a mother in law drawer… it’s fun bringing little bits from someone else’s stash to life!


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  10. Thanks for taking the time to blog about this pattern. It’s helping me nearly 4 years later after I found this same pattern at an estate sale. It’s always helpful to have a heads-up on any particular quirks a pattern might have. I love your choice of fabric and the changes you made resulted in a fun and flattering garment. Thanks again for posting! Larissa


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