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C is for C. Wonder Seamed Stripes Swing Tee

Hello hello! Welcome to the third installment of my self-imposed A to Z Brand Inspiration Challenge! I’m actually super excited about this make! It’s probably the most well-fitting thing I’ve made yet. Yes, it’s only a t-shirt, but it’s really comfortable and it has a great shape and length. I credit the pattern (see below!).


Here was my inspiration:

C. WonderSeamed Stripes Boxy Tee

Theirs: $78 (now out of stock)

Untitled picture 2 download

Mine: $14 (and I have plenty of fabric leftover for another project)


I got 2 yards of this Two Sided Cotton Jersey from Girl Charlee at the same time I got my KnitFix last month. I’d been looking for a good stripe knit for this project for a while and this one worked out perfectly. I love the heavier weight and it has the perfect amount of stretch.

Untitled picture 3

IMGP4288 IMGP4276

I was trying not to worry too much about matching the stripes at the seams, but it actually worked out and I love so much that it did!


Don’t mind the hair… I shed… the puppies shed… it’s just always there :/

I used this free Sunny Swing Tee pattern & tutorial from Sara of The Sara Project.

So cute, right? This pattern was perfect for this make! The shape is slightly different, but the rest is spot on. I just chopped the front pieces in half to create the multi-directional stripes and pieced everything together. I didn’t add the neckline to make it a little closer to the C. Wonder one and for all of my hemming I serged each edge, folded over and used a zig-zag stitch. I was worried it was going to get too wavy, but I think the weight of the fabric helped keep the hems under control for the most part.

IMGP4313 IMGP4312

The C. Wonder top has a zipper in the back. I actually had one picked out but decided not to use it; I like it just as well without.


Until next time,


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  1. Love what you did there! Super cute top ;-). I love your format which just shows how much you can save by making your own clothes!


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